Anchors Away!

A stylish new film to launch Spotify’s ‘ANCHOR’ interactive Podcast feature.

Project by KITCHENEstudio Pum
Animation / Mixed Media

JellyNY were approached by Spotify to create a film to support the brand-new interactive feature of their Anchor product, where creators can connect directly with listeners and invite them to be a part of a conversation. This innovation is a clear differentiator for both podcasters and their listeners, that will lead to more ideas, connection, and community.  

Jelly’s psychedelic design maestros Estudio Pum were just the right pick to create suitably mind-blowing visuals for this mixed media spot and they made a slick mix with Jelly’s KITCHEN crew who, as usual brought their A game to direct and animate the trip into the mind of the Podcast creator. This heavyweight combination brought life to the thought exchange that’s sparked when listeners and creators can interact. 

The aim of the story was to tell the viewer how Podcasting has been a one-way conversation traditionally – but now those invisible walls are broken. The immaculate design elements and the fluid animation from Pum and Kitchen do this with clarity and flair. 


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