‘Basketball Forever’

A rebrand for the NBA-coverage media network.

Project by Not Real
Lettering / 3D / CGI / Mixed Media

Basketball Forever is a media network that covers all NBA news. They approached Not Real looking for a rebrand including their logo and a design system that could work for their social media channels. Not Real worked on this design thinking of the meaning of both words “Basketball” and “Forever.”

For “Basketball” they started looking for all the graphic elements that could be related to the game: the dots of the ball, the lines, lights and colours in the court.

And for “Forever” they came up with the idea of continuing, never-stopping, repeating.

So they started mixing both concepts in a fun way, with multiple type variables, colours and layouts.

To Not Real, the end result of the Basketball Forever rebrand means never getting bored: More basketball. More entertainment. Always playing.

Directed by: NotReal
Creative & Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez
Executive Producer: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Graphic Design: Luján Borzi, Valeria Moreiro
Animation and Compositing: Milton Gonzalez

Client: Forever Network


Legal notice: We do not own the photographs, videos and song copyrights used in this project and video. The content is used only to sketch the design layouts and describe the aimed tone and spirit for the brand guidelines.

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