Bloomingdales – ‘Good for the Globe’

Kelly Anna and Everybody.World collaborate to design a vibrant eco-conscious range for Bloomingdales.

Project by Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna was recently invited to be a guest curator for Bloomingdales’ constantly rotating pop-up shop The Carousel, a space dedicated to changing every 2 months with immersive, surprising and interactive installations.

The theme centered around the March/April installment was ‘Good for the Globe’, looking at the future of fashion and celebrating the fashion newcomers advocating sustainability around the globe.

Kelly teamed up with Everybody.World, a brand dedicated to making clothes out of 100% recycled material.


She effortlessly applied her signature style to the core message of the project: combining her eye for shape and colour, with the words ‘recycle’ ‘protect’ ‘connect’, to create a range that is playfully inspiring.

The symbol for recycling being used in a creative and exciting context injected a sense of power and confidence into the idea of living eco-friendly.

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Kelly Anna