Bombay Sapphire ‘A Gin of Ten Journeys’

Mariana Rodrigues & KITCHEN worked collaboratively to bring the gin brand's story to life.

Project by Mariana RodriguesKITCHEN
Animation / Illustration

With Mariana Rodrigues leading the illustration style, KITCHEN worked collaboratively with her and the AMV BBDO to build a world that captured the journey from source to product bringing together the ten journeys.

This started as a stills project but soon migrated into animation as the client explored various new media opportunities. Since then, this kind of commission has become more and more commonplace. Surveys by the big media companies are stressing that animation on outdoor sites gets a lot more engagement, and as clients look for more bang for their buck, the assets that they commission need to work in more and more spaces.

With a nod to tradition, but with a contemporary eye, the illustration style and animation movement combined to deliver beautiful executions that highlight the botanicals in a vibrant and elegant way.The animation has an overall sensation of symmetry and is a floral abundance.

The campaign ran across print and digital OOH sites in the UK and Europe, online and throughout Bombay Sapphire events and related PR.