Bombay Sapphire x HYPEBEAST

Kelly Anna creates a mural for Bombay Sapphire's new cocktail 'The Milestone'

Project by Kelly Anna

HYPEBEAST teamed up with Bombay Sapphire to bring their new range of cocktails to life. Kelly Anna was asked to interpret ‘The Milestone’ cocktail with a ceiling high mural.

In typical Kelly Anna fashion, the mural was packed with energy and colour, capturing the variety of flavours in The Milestone cocktail. For the design, Kelly Anna was inspired by the milestones in life and ‘the rocky moments we all have’, developed into something positive.

The Milestone consists of raspberry infused gin, dark creme de cacao and grapefruit bitters. The deep and vibrant reds of the painting allude to the colour of the raspberry cocktail, and the blend of rich hues with lighter and brighter tones reflect the taste of ‘The Milestone’.

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Kelly Anna