Fisher-Price with Vogue Italia

Turning toys into works of art.

Project by Eva Cremers
3D / CGI / Animation

Eva was commissioned for a special project in collaboration with Vogue Italia which celebrates the 90th anniversary of Fisher Price, one of Mattel’s best-known brands.

The theme was “Let’s be kids”, the claim of the brand campaign, which Fisher Price asked Vogue Italia to translate into an unconventional communication, created and amplified by Vogue Italia and on the brand’s properties. Eva was the only artist approached by Vogue to undertake the project, as it was felt that her work was uniquely appropriate for the Brand.

The brief was to give an interpretation of three of the iconic toys (Rock-a-stack, Puppy and Phone Car) in a special way according to Eva’s style, creating a digital artwork and animation which communicated the campaign and brand values.
Eva provided a moodboard as a first step of the collaboration to submit to Mattel for the final approval of the initiative, as an example of what your work would look like, followed by digital art.

Deliverables were:
3 images of 3 icon toys (preferably with more than 1 item in each photo) in high resolution (to appear in the actual Magazine too, not only on IG, so the format needed to fit this kind of quality too).

3 videos with the same subjects, which could be i.e. an animated version of the image or something more complex. It depends on the artist’s choice. One long cut for the web advertorial on and one short cut for IG post.

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