A custom brand font for the American footwear giant.

Project by Face37

Foot Locker is a fixture in many major cities around the world, a real global brand. Face37 were asked to create a new font that would bring all their marketing materials together.


Foot Locker is a massive American sportswear and footwear retailer, headquartered in New York. With 3,363 stores in 28 countries, it gets significant footfall around the world. This is brisk business, which translates to a massive turnover of over $7bn a year.

The Brief

Branding agency JKR New York briefed Face37 to create an alphabet in multiple weights, based on Foot Locker’s logotype. Thought to have originally been designed in the 1970s, the team soon discovered it had plenty of idiosyncrasies.

Working alongside JKR, Face37 carefully deconstructed the logo to discover its DNA. For example, there were interesting curves on the f and the r, and the o and c were very geometric. Picking up on these and other clues, gradually built up a set of characteristics that could be applied across a whole alphabet.

From there, they started to develop the Foot Locker font in multiple weights. A body copy version was created, which is slightly pared back to make it more legible at smaller sizes.

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