Glenfiddich – #DXBExperiments

Unique worlds to escape into.

Project by James Dawe

Glenfiddich asked James Dawe to create 4 different worlds to escape into based on the key characteristics of four different Glenfiddich whisky varieties. This was part of their #DXBExperiments campaign, a platform that creates innovative ways to experience Glenfiddich Whisky.

The concept of this particular #DXBExperiment was ‘Escape In’, encouraging users to interact with an Escape-Instamaze in order to grant them exclusive access to a pop-up drinks event in Dubai.

James created complex digital collages each individually tailored to the attributes of different aged whiskys. As this campaign was targeted to the United Arab Emirates, one of the main hurdles the project faced was not being allowed to advertise alcohol or even mention the name of the brand. However, this challenge encouraged James to truly experiment with representing the product and flavour notes the most creative and unpredictable ways.

The 18 year old whisky’s key features were baked apple, oak, cinnamon, robust and mellow.

The 21 year old whisky focused on indulgent Caribbean and tropical flavours, such as fig, fudge, ripe banana, spice, and toffee.

The 15 year old whisky focused on warm spice, honey, and rich fruit.

And finally the 12 year old whisky: pear, oak, fresh, and fruity.


For the Escape-Instamaze, users navigated their way through the 4 Glenfiddich worlds by following hidden doors from one world to the next, picking up information about the brand/event as they search the posts, whilst absorbing the stunning visuals along the way.

The last door takes the user to the final puzzle, in which they must search for a code that can be used on the event page for rewards and fast-track access.

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