It’s Nice That x Dropbox

Kelly Anna collaborates with Josie Tucker to create a zine for It's Nice That x Dropbox.

Project by Kelly Anna

It’s Nice That approached Kelly Anna to take part in a creative collaboration with a member of their audience. Kelly Anna and Josie Tucker created an empowering zine celebrating female strength.

“I work best when I have people to bounce off!” Kelly Anna told It’s Nice That. “I am a social creature so working closely with other people gives me so much energy and can spark so many different ideas.”

The zine was inspired by Katherine Switzer, an athlete rejected from the 1967 Boston marathon simply because she was a woman. Katherine’s story evoked Kelly to think about her teenage self, the feeling she used to get when she wanted “to play with ‘the lads’, but it just wasn’t the done thing”.

In turn, she wanted to create a zine that made sports inclusive for women still teetering on the edge of getting stuck into the game.

The final zine Kelly and Josie created was energetic and empowering, and above all, championed female strength.

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Kelly Anna