It’s Nice That x TikTok

Nostalgic highlights.

Project by Rosanna Webster
Animation / Illustration / Mixed Media

It’s Nice That commissioned Rosanna on their Creative Canvas series for TikTok which saw 12 creatives producing their own TikToks to live in the ‘TopView’ slot of the app. Each creative brought a different discipline to the project, interpreting an emotion to reflect creativity with humanity and the self-expression that TikTok has become famous for.

Working with ‘nostalgia’, Rosanna enjoyed the open direction of the project, experimenting with her style. A sort of flicker book of memories, Rossana’s ident acts as a “highlights reel playing through in my head, with fragments of all the fun and beautiful bits, faces and places condensed together,” which is what she feels when thinking back on a time with nostalgia. “I wanted my piece to visualise this warm feeling – using collage to bring sourced imagery together into a hazy, dreamy world.”

Creative Canvas prompted Rosanna to explore expanding her collages into 3D, moving the camera around the layers, “I think this makes the work feel much more immersive and tactile somehow!”.

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