John Lobb ‘Time’s The Charm’

A narrative brand film for the luxury shoe brand.

Project by Steve Scott
Animation / Character

Featuring a mixture of 2D and 3D animation, Time’s The Charm follows a stylish John Lobb customer through hazy London days, dreams and seasons in various pairs of the shoe range.

Words from Steve on the making of this spot:

“The process involved first coming up with a script that we loved. We went through a few variations of scripts before settling on the concept of a day in the life of a John-Lobb wearing guy making his way through London.

We then made a fairly detailed storyboard and animatic, and then ruthlessly slashed anything we felt was not working. So we lost a scene of the guy meeting his mother, as well as a bit where Monty Pythonesque giant feet tried to crush the the main guy.

In terms of the animation we did all the character animation in Flash. The 3D was made in Cinema 4D. Backgrounds were painted in Manga Studio and the whole thing was comped in After Effects. We did lots of tests to make sure all the 2D and 3D married up – we wanted the 3D and 2D to really integrate. We used lots of painterly textures in the 3D and painted lighting effects into the 3D models.”

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Steve Scott