Run Past The Future

Kelly Anna's Artist in Residence Menswear collection for Nike

Project by Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna was commissioned by NIKE to collaborate on the latest of their ‘Artist In Residence’ series collections. Titled ‘Run Past The Future’ and available in NIKE stores worldwide, Kelly Anna’s concept originated from some key moments that she felt pushed the sporting world forward in important ways. Kelly combined her body-positive signature print style, with the graphic interpretations of the specific dates to develop the range while taking inspiration from the graphics of sporting history. As a former gymnast and dancer herself, Kelly Anna drew on her fascination with sports and movement throughout this collaboration.  The dates featured are of special significance to Kelly Anna – and the sporting world at large.

“In 1992 Derek Redmond was helped across the finish line by his father Jim. As a Mum, I felt this deeply; this moment of parental support was a beautiful expression of love and support between father and son. 

In 2000 Cathy Freeman, who is of Aboriginal descent, winning gold in Sydney was a huge catalyst for national unity and had ripple effects for years to come.  She said ‘The whole story has become larger than who I am’ – and this really stuck with me. Especially in these times; I think it’s so important to realise that our actions can often have positive effects beyond ourselves.”  

The celebration of these moments came to life as numbers throughout the print artwork, combined with inspirational graphics from championships and past sporting events.

The first A.I.R designer to be flown out to Portland to collaborate with the in-house Nike design team, Kelly Anna had input into the product details of the entire collection; from thread colours through to screen-printed patches, all whilst considering the technical aspects, including the use of sustainable soles.

“The whole process and partnership was incredible. From IG messages to live work sessions at Nike HQ, Kelly’s vision, passion and energy were contagious and inspiring. We always knew we had something special, and that Kelly would bring this lovely story to life in a way that only Kelly is able to.”

Diego Guevera, Nike Global Design Director

Part of the collection’s promotion saw the artwork brought to life in animation by Jelly’s KITCHEN, in close collaboration with Kelly Anna.

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