Lacoste ‘Christmas’

Bringing the iconic mascot to life in a charming Christmas TVC for the brand's fragrance range.

Working his 3D character magic yet again, Kristenn brings to life Lacoste’s iconic mascot as he rolls through a festive winter wonderland for the brand’s 2018 Christmas Fragrance TVC.

Working directly with Coty and Van+, who helped to develop the concept behind the film, the team worked closely for a few weeks on the storytelling and storyboarding before moving the bulk of the work to Gobo Animation (Kristenn’s studio) where they started designing the cute croc and modelling him in 3D.

There was a lot of back and forth between the studio in trying to strike the perfect balance between the cute character and the highly detailed textures and silver effects of the environment and the product renderings.

The team watched many a crocodile videos for reference and ultimately decided to keep a slow moving character in the final animation as this was more in line with the feeling Lacoste wanted to achieve with this film.

Another challenge was to faithfully recreate all the Lacoste perfume bottles in a realistic manner. A lot of time was spend on lighting and photography to make sure that they appeared as realistic as possible, whilst still being believable in the whimsical winter setting created.

The end result is a technically stunning and entertaining spot for an iconic brand.