Amazon Music Proud Campaign

Lebassis creates a visual identity, lettering and illustrations for the Amazon Music and Amazon Music Proud campaign.

Project by Lebassis
Illustration / Type

The global Amazon Music and Amazon Proud campaigns aim to empower, inspire and connect with the LGBTQIA+ community with vibrant, abstract creative that celebrates diversity. The visual identity was initially created for the app, but due to it’s success was rolled out in to the global Amazon Proud campaign. This included sales categories such as fashion, movies, gaming and electronics. Along with the playlists, the content was made with the community in mind. All of the creators involved, including Lebassis, had connections with LGBTQIA+ history, using the work to share knowledge with the audience.

The brief was open, with the specific requirement to create something that paid homage to LGBTQIA+ icon, Grace Jones. The futuristic, celebratory aesthetic was inspired by Grace’s visual language. This influenced the dynamic signature with several typography styles. The visual language created goes well with photography without being overwhelming.

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