Tudum Netflix Festival

Lebassis creates illustrations and stickers for an almanac for Netflix's Tudum Festival.

Project by Lebassis
Illustration / Type

The Tudum festival, created by Netflix for it’s fans, hosted celebrity panels and live shows. Because of the pandemic, the second edition was hosted vitrually on YouTube over 3 days. To celebrate, Netflix commisioned an almanac of 116 pages that was sent to 200,000 people. Consisting of interviews, quizzes and puzzles.

The almanac is made entirely based on stickers with a maximalist approach to represent the youthful and playful personality of Netflix shows. With Lebassis’ style of illustration, he developed 100 stickers – tying in elements and characters from Netflix shows with nods to Brazillian memes that related to Tudum. In addition to the being in the almanac, Lebassis’ stickers were also present during the live streams and on the website.

Art Direction – Design: Porto Rocha

Editorial Project: Trip

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