Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

Keeping the Nation's hands clean.

Project by Dan WoodgerKITCHEN
Animation / Illustration

Our first project since becoming a part of the Global Unilever Animation Roster saw Dan Woodger both direct the new TV commercial as well as create the illustrations for Lifebuoy’s summer 2020 TV and print campaign which ran across the UK with the team at Mullenlowe.

The aim of the campaign was to evoke a sense of ‘fun’ and positivity towards hand washing as the general promotion of hand washing is done by fear or function.

After Dan had created the illustrations, he then set about directing the animated TVC, working with the team at KITCHEN who animated it beautifully.

We take it so much for granted.
Yet it’s so important in our everyday lives.
It’s the first sense we develop in the womb.
Giving us the first idea of ourselves.
Touching bonds new-borns with their mothers.
Helps them develop a healthy mind and body.
Young children move, explore and learn through touch.
Getting messy hands and sticky fingers from playing and feeding.
It’s a social glue that binds us throughout our lives.
From that strong handshake or encouraging pat on the back, that connects us to our communities and workplaces,
to the tender caress that turns loving couples into lasting partners.
We even require it to feel the weight, texture and hardness of things we buy.
Little wonder social isolation has made us all touch hungry.
But at the same time a touch, touch-scared.
Lifebuoy puts your mind to rest but not your hands.
Gives you the freedom to touch without worry.
The reassurance to seize the day.
To grab life with both hands.
As long as you wash them properly afterwards.

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