Freya Betts creates stunning illustrations for LNER all across London.

Project by Freya Betts

Freya teamed up with Anomaly to create a set of warm and relaxed paintings for London North Eastern Railway’s latest campaign.

LNER put forward a brief that focused on the relaxing space of a train journey and the ‘strangers’ of modern Britain that fill them.

LNER wanted to convey a ‘magical’ quality in the campaign which is why they were drawn to Freya’s use of blunt, rough and loose brush strokes to create a warm, unfinished style that was not concerned with looking photo-realistic and more about capturing the imperfections that come with painting.

The illustrations were presented across underground tunnels, escalators, and billboards in locations in Kings Cross and Tooting, as well as in print form.

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Freya Betts