A series of hypnotic looping illustrations of everyday machines.

Project by Geoffroy de Crécy

“I originally wanted to make something visually different from the aesthetic of CG animated shorts I have done before. These new pictures were flat, geometric and graphic. I was happy with these still images, but my old animation background said something was missing. The only way to animate an illustration and keep it ‘illustrative’ is to make a loop.”

“They (the loops) must depict something commonplace and as usual as possible… the loop must be infinite (by definition), it must need no human action, and the animated subject must be a machine. The rules don’t allow for many possibilities, so sometimes I just have to find ideas that go into this framework.”

“With the loops, beyond their graphic pleasure, I think they engage people because of the strange feeling they produce, and the questions they rouse: Do the machines need us? Where are the people? What happened? It’s an echo to a dramatic event that has just happened.” – Geoffroy de Crecy

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Geoffroy de Crécy