Makers’ Residency

Kelly Anna takes part in Wieden+Kennedy's Makers' Residency

Project by Kelly Anna
Illustration / Live Art

About Maker’s Residency:
Every year, Wieden+Kennedy collaborate with 6 local makers, providing a work space for them to create and exhibit, as well as celebrating and sharing their talent with the public.

Tucked away behind Old Spitalfields Market, and only a swift meander from Brick Lane, W+K’s public facing window continuously transformed from one creative workspace to another over the course of six weeks.

With her project, “Play The Game // Know The Game”, Kelly Anna completely immersed herself in the whole space, creating a dialogue with passer-byers by encouraging them to leave notes of advice, encouragement, or lessons learnt. Kelly’s residency was spent looking at the relationship between past, present and future as a means of tackling the anxiety of the present faced by today’s youth.

The outcome of Kelly’s project, as well as an amazingly vibrant muralled space filled with hand-crafted pot plant shelves and furniture that she designed, was a zine filled with notes from passers-by. Since the zine contains experiences of the past, and advice for the future, it aims to encourage people to look more positively towards their future, and to embrace and enjoy the present.

Kelly created a zine with a purpose. And once her week was up, the zine was printed and sent to the people whose notes were included in it.

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Kelly Anna