MTV Artist Ident

Jurassic Park meets retro MTV vibes.

Project by Dan Woodger
Animation / Character / Illustration

Dan Woodger was given an open creative brief by the team at MTV based on a theme & colour pairing (also supplied by MTV creative team).

Dan was given a chart that paired up a range of themes with colours. His task was then to choose one and come up with a concept around it. After a little deliberating, and trying out a few options, he settled on the theme ‘sad’ which came with a wonderful blue colour.



Jelly: What did you enjoy about this project?

Everything! MTV has been a brand I’ve wanted to collaborate with ever since I decided to become an illustrator so this was a true bucket list assignment. Plus the brief came in at such an insane time (right at the beginning of lockdown) it was the perfect creative escapism I needed to cope with the world seemingly collapsing around us. Which may have somewhat influenced my idea…

Jelly: Were there any problems?

Dan: Apart from the fact I think I’ve pushed animating in photoshop to it’s very limits, not hugely… Although I did forget that MTV required extra breakdowns of 12, 10, & 5 seconds. So right at the very end I had to politely ask Marian Mentrup (the superb sound designer of this piece) if he could remix the track 3 more times. Sorry Marian!

Jelly: What was it like working with MTV?

Dan: A complete joy, Harry and Sophie were both super lovely and extremely patient when I blazed past the loose 4 week deadline.

I suppose the pressure of actually bagging a bucket list job was incredibly exciting for me. I’ve wanted it for so long, I even wrote my dissertation at university on MTV. So to actually have the opportunity present itself, and be given a completely open brief was quite overwhelming, my head was exploding with ideas.

I originally batted about some gardening themed concepts inspired by my newly found lockdown hobby, but they just weren’t the one. I wanted to create something a little more personal, something that gave off some retro MTV vibes, and something that reflected how I was feeling at this insanely strange time. Turns out watching Jurassic Park for the 763rd time sparked my imagination and blowing up a cute hungry dinosaur was what I was aiming for.

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