Nike Free Rn

Kelly Anna designs Nike Free Rns

Project by Kelly Anna

When asked to design Nike Free Rn’s Kelly Anna was given the simple brief of “Unlock Your Free”. Nike asked Kelly to show what London meant to her, and what it means to be free through exploration and creative expression. Kelly has worked in couture footwear, so knew how to break a shoe up, and when she received the sample she cut it up and painted straight onto the different pieces.

When we spoke to Kelly about this project, and when asking her to describe her design, she said, “The shoe has a few little fun elements including the water print laces which represent the pulse of the city, the Thames. I also designed the Eye swoosh graphic, which represents London through my eyes.  I created a black and white print pavement graphic on the counter piece which sits over the leafy collage screen prints. This represents the idea of weaving through the overbearing closeness of the towering urban spaces into the peaceful openness of the city parks when I run.”

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Kelly Anna