Publicis ‘British Future’

Project by Dan Woodger

Dan illustrated this mammoth crowd scene illustration for NGO British Future in collaboration with Publicis UK as part of a social campaign to call out prejudice in British society. The images were posted on social media and challenged users to try and ‘call out’ the instances of prejudice within the image.

Dan described the project as :

“Quite a heavy topic for my more jovial style of work but I feel like that conflict made for an interesting juxtaposition.”

This job was interesting from a technical perspective as it started out as 2 separate illustrations. A market square scene and a park scene.

After illustrating the market scene, the client asked if there was a way of making the park scene illustration a continuation of the image to the right hand side. So after some careful sketching and mapping out, Dan realised that this was indeed possible, and essentially stitched together 2 separate illustrations to create the final piece.

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Dan Woodger