Stina Persson collaborates with SHOWstudio as a guest curator for New York Fashion Week.

Project by Stina Persson

Stina Persson was approached by Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio to be a guest curator during New York Fashion Week. SHOWstudio gave Stina complete artistic freedom to create original interpretations of designer collections among the company of renowned fashion illustrators such as Conrad Roset, Unskilled Worker, Ozabu, François Berthould and Kukula.

Each day, Stina would be able to see the pictures from every new collection. She would then choose the looks that inspired her the most and get to work illustrating.
When honing in on her interpretation of a look, Stina said she would sometimes do 5-20 do-overs until she was finally happy with it.

During this process, Stina learned to appreciate whatever ‘mistakes’ she would make, telling us, “I love when my work looks effortless, so I can’t spend too much time on any single painting, and my bin is filled to the brim by noon by discarded pieces. Although my fingers are itching for some digital editing, this time I have to accept, and even appreciate, the imperfections.”

Stina cites her stand-out moments of the project involved capturing the architectural feel of The Row, the grungier feel of Eckhaus Latta, and the silhouettes of Mark Jacobs.

In the end, Stina created over 40 illustrations for SHOWstudio.

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