Spotify | Our Best Time Of The Year

A series of visuals made for Spotify’s first ever illustrated campaign.

Project by Marylou Faure

For this project, Marylou was to create a series of characters, all part of a family reuniting for Christmas dinner. She had to represent every “type” of family member: the cheerful dad, the moody teenager, the flirty aunt, the awkward mum, etc.

A part of this campaign was a short animated advert humouring the typical awkward family dinner on Christmas Day.

A second part of this campaign was a series of spot animations. There was a catch phrase to go alongside each visual, talking about the song that was portrayed, the number of times it was played in 2017 and the context in which it was listened to (Summer, Festivals, Valentine’s day, etc). The animations were shared on Spotify’s social media and digital billboards throughout Germany.

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