Stella McCartney ‘Pop’

Celebrating youth, femininity and a diversity of beauty.

Project by Rosanna Webster
Illustration / Mixed Media

Rosanna Webster was asked by high-end fashion label Stella McCartney, to tell the story of ‘POP’ their new perfume, along with other incredible female artists from around the world – a diverse collection of visionaries to reflect the nuances of the fragrance.

Each woman took ‘POP’ as the stimulus for her own artistic expression, and from those works curated a living Tumblr series for this incredible and striking content – ranging from digital art and photography to abstract elements and poetry pieces.

For this brief Rosanna was given the simple pack-shot and was asked to interpret ‘POP’ in her own way, through her chosen medium. Rosanna is often given a product or a simple model shot and asked to create a collage world around these.

“The Pop campaign celebrates youth, a strong sense of femininity and a diversity of beauty. I wanted my response to embody this effervescent, vivacious energy.”

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