Turn Up x Bite The Ballot

A case study in engaging social change within the youth market.

Following our successful, ground-breaking campaign with Bite The Ballot for the 2017 snap election, we were asked to partner with them again for the general election in 2019 with a view to not only drive voting but to engage the youth vote with the facts about the forthcoming COP26 conference on the Future of the Planet.

Bite The Ballot
Since 2012 Bite The Ballot have been working tirelessly worldwide to create voter registration resources to aid greater engagement within the 18-25 age bracket. They have launched numerous initiatives that have been at the forefront of advocacy worldwide including the ground-breaking ‘Verto’ App.

For the Snap election in 2017 Jelly partnered with BTB to help raise awareness of the ability that young people had to affect the outcome of the forthcoming election. We launched a visual campaign for #TurnUp and created an open-source library of assets that could be accessed by all.

The campaign garnered momentum across the creative industry and Artistic community, resulting in some hugely effective imagery that propelled the urgency of the message to the youth market. Partially as a result of this that election saw the highest number of young voters ever.

After being approached again by BTB, Jelly co-ordinated an environment-focused youth-engagement Campaign of educational content that reached over 5 million young people across the UK. In addition to the established Artist-led campaign for #TurnUp, bespoke assets were created for the Verto App and across specifically targeted media leading up to the election.

From our network of specialists, we brought in a leading strategist with experience in youth audience. Then using Jelly’s strategic thinking and creative collaborators we helped to identify and explore the language and visual feel of the various assets to be created prior to the kick-off of the creative campaign.


  1. ‘Agenda’. Explored the core issues for the Youth Vote across all social media, University screens and out-of-home.
  2. ‘Environment’. Introducing the importance of COP26 across the same media with clever addition of screen within chicken shops.
  3. ‘Vote’. Driving youth voters to engage in the national registration drive across all the same media.

Creative and Production
All copy, scriptwriting, design, animation, editing and production was done by a bespoke team created by Jelly specifically for the project. The team lived here at Jelly HQ for the duration of the project meaning that we could manage and create assets on hair-trigger deadlines. We had to be reactive to live data created by Verto, which was fed back to the team to then create responsive content for various screen / social outputs.

Assets created included:

  1. videos (mixture of type / stock footage/illustration) – with cut downs / adapts / data driven changed GIFS.
  2. Re-purpose existing #TURNUP 2017 assets.
  3. New Assets from artists/creative community #TURNUP.
  4. Verto App assets for 3 x games.
  5. Data & Real time driven GIFS / POSTS for social.
  6. GOOGLE Doodle illustrations and animations.
  7. Revised logo with same style for statements lettering.
  8. School resources.

22 Thousand student-aged young voters engaged with the Verto App during the election campaign. A staggering 88% of the players completed the game. From this engagement it was possible for Bite The Ballot to get valuable insight into the issues that were on the minds of young voters, including their attitudes to: the political class, mental health, finance, education, the environment and their local community.

3 Million people registered to vote during the election Campaign which commenced on the 29th October 2019, there was a large spike following the launch of #Turnup on 12th November, more than two-thirds of all application were from under 34s.

What Next?
Jelly and PayVerto intend to continue their creative/strategic partnership.Watch this space!