Tishk Barzanji

Tishk Barzanji is a Kurdish visual artist based in London. Tishk's passion for architecture and art began after his move from Iraq to East London in 1998 - the people he grew up with and the environment he was around, shaped his ideas to what he practices now.

Work with - Tishk Barzanji

Rose Hill

Tishk was comissioned by the Rockefeller Group to create illustrations of their new residential building in New York

Project by Tishk Barzanji

Mr Porter

Tishk creates a series of mixed media illustrations for 'The Japan Edit'.

Project by Tishk Barzanji

Film4 Summer Screen

Tishk Barzanji illustrates for Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House

Project by Tishk Barzanji

Wallpaper Magazine

Tishk Barzanji's illustrations for, 'Tokyo story: our series of illustrated interiors is blossoming'

Project by Tishk Barzanji